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On March 5th I called direct TV and said I would like to arrange service in Idaho as I purchased a new home there, but would not move perminatley from Oregon until July.The agent said no problem the would install service in Idaho and would only pay 19.95 shipping on the equipment. He also told me I could not have Local Channels in both places, I said OK no problem, leave them in oregon.

On monday March 85th the service tec installed the equipment and said I had no local channels, I said OK fine.

That evening my wife called me and said she had no channels, I said don't worry I have them fix in in the morning.

to make a long story short, after waiting on hold for 45 min and going through 3 different people, I finally reached a supervisor. He said I could not do what I was doing, and I said "your agent advise and told me to do it this way, you did it not me.

He then said if I want to keep servide in Oregon I would have to cancel my

contract in Idaho, but they would charge me $480.00. I replied "Say what?

I'm not paying you nothing. After arguing for 10 min I told him to do whatever he want's and I will do what I have to. Within the hour they shut off all service to my Oregon home. In the Morning I'm filing a complaint

with the Idaho PUC and the Attorney Generals office. This misserable lowlife company should be put out of business in my opinon. I wounder why

the States government and the Fed FCC dosen't stop their abuse. I guess I will remember all this come elections in November. From

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Now you know why the Better Business Bureau gives Direct TV an F grade!


Now you know why the Better Business Bureau gives Direct TV an F grade!

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