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I ordered HD box(es) by phone from DirectTV in January 2012. I was forced to agree to a 2-year contract in order to get the HD boxes.

Prior to that I didn't have a "contract" with them. If I cancel within the 2-year period, I was told I am obligated to pay for the remainder of that contract (DirectTV will automatically charge my credit card). Tonight, Direct TV is dumping 25 channels -several we watch regularly. I feel DirectTV broke the contract.

When I begrudgingly accepted so I could get the HD box, I agreed to accept the service I originally signed up for NOT service MINUS those 25 channels.

What do you think? I would like to dump DirectTV but don't want to get stuck paying for the remaining 18 months of my contract.

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $2400.

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I tried to tell DirecTV I was going to cancel last time they did this & was told I could upgrade at a higher price to keep the channels! It's a scam!

I'm in a contract too & was told they are NOT breaking their contract because it says they can make changes. And, while it is unfair, it does say there could be fees to cancel even under these circumstances. I was told they would charge my card $20 for each month left on my contract! I always say I don't want my card info saved when I pay my bill but they DO save ALL of them!

And I'm tired of this game every few months.

25 channels, really?! If every customer starts calling & complaining maybe they will back down & become a respectable company.


Fabulous post. Clear, concise, accurate & logical.

Love it and I totally agree that the agreement looks like it's being broken tonight at midnight. Ad still scrolling across TV Land @ 9:45 pm tonight referencing: 'Directv will drop this and 25 other channels: Call: 1(800)531-5000" & other scrolling info about Viacom wanting 30% more money for the channels.


I agree, if channels are dropped I will drop..BROKEN contract and class action suit worthy..I too am stuck in a contract...


I agree with you, my contract has been up so if they do end up dropping those channels I'll be dropping them

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