Good ole Direct Tv, I've kept an eye on my bill every month since I signed up with them; they try to up it every couple of months sinc they think you are not watching it; well, I do!! You can't trust them at all they are the very best scam artist.

I signed up for an HD contract for 2 years over the phone; the guy offered me a really good deal for $69.95 per month to keep me as a customer so I signed up with them; two months later, they up the bill to $89.95 a month. I immediately called them and they said "oh, your promotion ran out" Ummmm, I told them I would have never agreed to sign up with them for $89.95 a month and that they were trying to scam me; I then told them to cancel my subscription and they told me it would cost me $400 early cancllation fee. What a real bunch of scam artists they are!!!

So, I am trapped by them for the next two years and then I'm going to switch to Dish Network.

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