When I was "talked into" the contract I was told that if I signed up for automated billing that I would receive HD TV for free for 24 months. At the time I did not have an HD TV so the service was not turned on by the installer but he told us once we got the HD TV that we would be able to turn it on.

Now that I have gotten an HD TV I am being told that since I did not turn on the service at the onset of the contract that it will now cost me $10 per month for this service. The supervisor even had the nerve to tell me that the reason the HD service is not turned on by default is because they do not assume that a new customer has an HD TV set but nevertheless the sales rep told me that when I do get an HD TV set that I would still receive this offer. I was told that under no circumstance would I recieve the free HD. I have worked in retail on numerous occasions and have always been told "the customer is always right", well apparently Direct TV does not subscribe to this train of thought.

The bummer is that I cannot afford to cancel the contract due to the fact that it would cost me $320 to do so (I considered doing this anyway and telling them to try and get their money untill I read my contract and realized that they would take it out of my credit card account without my authorization).

I am already out $200 for the installation four months ago (got charged $100 more than quoted because my installation was not "standard"). If anyone wants satallite TV, go somewhere else.

Review about: Directv Installation.

Monetary Loss: $240.

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To get HD video, you need to have HD receiver or HDDVR, HDTV, and HD service. ALL must be HD capable. Even if you do have an HD receiver/HDDVR and HD service but no HDTV you will only get the video on screen in standard definition.


I agree with you... It is my understanding to get HD service,you need a DVR and an HD TV..I don't believe this has anything to do with the installation but simply the box itself that picks up the signal and this is where the $10.00 per month comes in. For future protection,I'd get rid of the auto billing as this gives DTV permission to access your account any time for any amount of money they see fit.They usually charge for the equipment also and this + the $320 Will run about $800...

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