I just wanted to talk to a customer service rep about getting some generl information.I could not reach anyone without giving a phone number of where I wanted service first.

I was on a cell phone and could not set up service for s phone number that I don't have. Also, I decided to tell the recording that indeed, my cell is a number that I want service so i could talk to some one and when i complained about the menu options, "Joseph" hung up in me. The customer service is a joke.

i just wanted to find out how to be a customer and get some questions answered but it seemed that the didn't want to give me the info unless I was getting sevice installed.

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the worst service ever! I have been without several channels constantly. Have been hung up on and told I would be billed for repair service that was direct's fault

I am fed up and told by customer service, too bad, I'm locked in.


Directv sucks...Was suppose to have installation today, but the lazy tech said he could not find a signal...he didn't even try and look around the house for a signal. Sooo I am watching Dishtv install my dish. By the way Dish tv wants to thank you for sending them so much business.


They broke my contract and took money out of my account that was NOT aurthorized.Do not let them in your Bank Account.

Use a credit card.

They got pissed when I cut them off.Payback.

Olathe, Kansas, United States #993979

Yes, join the growing movement of pissed customers of Direct TV.

Get a different bank account because they will always find a way to steal from you. And never use them or Xfinity....same problem

Olathe, Kansas, United States #993972

Just like

Xfinity....please let me speak with "Adonis" the Greek God from India, who promised me the moon and I only got screwed.

And because I would NOT BUNDLE everything (I did NOT WANT IT), he turned off my service - business internet and all with the flick of a switch...too much power people

Olathe, Kansas, United States #993971

CUT THE CABLE...Go look up Antenna TV / Get an INDOOR antenna with a booster OR you can get an outside one.

You can't beat FREE TV. So you might not get every channel under the sun, but do you really need those?

Tell all the TV companies to *** it.


what is happened to direct just going thru the channels nothing on worth watching my bill is 90 dollars a month I am paying info commercial channels by the dozens I have an idea allot a few channels for that *** put something on the other channels get something new in your movie selection time to wake up


I am not a complainer and I know there are rules and regulations.But last week my HOUSE BURNED TO THE GROUND...I lost everything in the home.

I called Direct TV...they suspended my account for three months, but the sales/free stuff aren't suspended, so time is ticking. Then because my units were incinerated (along with my TV and everything else in my house), I have to pay a non returnable fee and then when I do find a place to live, I need to pay for new ones at regular/full price. Holy wow...it's not like my kids put them in the dishwasher or I can them over with my car, my house caught on fire and the last thing I was worried about was the *** units...however, seeing as Direct TV is the only company that wants to screw me in my time of misfortune, it should have been the first thing I thought of. My *** landlord did not have homeowners insurance (I did not know) and I had literally just moved in...still had stuff in boxes, so my home owners insurance was not activated yet.

Geez...talk about kicking you when you are down. Oh, at the very end...very end of the conversation, the guy on the phone must have got a sense that he was screwing me and being a *** and threw in the "hope everyone was ok" line.

Ugh...really.Now, because I was still in the first month of the contract, I will have to pay for this for the remainer whether I have a house or not.


My mother signed up for Direct TV and then a day later received a call, saying she can't have it because a travel trailer and guest house on her property do not have separate electric meters.Seriously?

I have Direct TV and have had no problems with my account but trying to talk with the rep (ext 40382) about this is like talking to a tree and I haven't been able to get connected to a supervisor.I'm sure Charter loves this guy, he's giving them lots of business!


direct tv froze my checking account for three days now :( :cry :x :sigh

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