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After being a loyal Direct TV for nearly 20 years I decided to change to cable because they offered the local Hagerstown News channel as well as offer a cheaper monthly package. I was suddenly told I would have to pay an "early termination" penalty due to fact of an upgrade I made in July 2008.

I made no upgrade in July 2008 but because they said I did, I was being charged $80 anyway. I was in the customer service business for 35 years and never heard of such a ploy! If I had a loyal customer who had decided to change to another dealer I would express my sorrow for their loss and assure them that I would eagerly welcome them back should they later decide to return. Direct TV not only dismissed my 2 decades of loyalty they insisted on my paying the $80 and then just 2 days later left a threatening message regarding returning their equipment being returned promptly or face legal actions!

I can assure Direct tv I will never consider giving them my business again. I will ACTIVELY relate this story to every Direct tv subscriber I find, even neighbors I don't know.

I have written a detailed story of this incident and will have it published in local newspaper editorials under the heading of "U.S. Companies are Failing due to Customer Service."

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

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I was a loyal Direct TV customer for years, primarily because they had the NFL Sunday Ticket. Eventually it got so expensive, nearly $300, I decided to go with cable who was my internet provider for a package deal. When I called to cut off my service I was given the same story about some mysterious upgrade I never received or signed for. I asked them to send me anything showing that I agreed to an upgrade, but they told check out a generic posting on their website about upgrades etc.

I called and complained with numerious people and after getting nothing but a run around I decided not to pay it. Now almost monthly I get collection letters along with seperate offers to come back because I was such a "great customer". I've called and begged them to drop it or at least quit sending me offers to return.

I will never deal with Direct TV again. From my experience they are a heartless company who springs BS charges on you and then is determined to ruin your credit for having been a customer. Don't fall for their new "free NFL Sunday ticket" it is a trap and once your in it seems you can never get out.


you go, pissed consumer!


you go, pissed consumer!