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In Feb. I switched from direct tv to comcast. I paid my last bill and shipped all the equipment out by fedx overnight service. In Mar. dtv charged me $118.26. I called dtv customer service, a guy said, "We made a mistake. We found the remote controls(They were packed in the same boxes with the black boxes.). You don't need to pay." I contacted my credit card company to dispute the charge and the result was no payment should be made. Later I got a statement from dtv, telling me it took the charge of my "account".

However in Apr. I got a bill of $118.26 again. I thought the bill was printed before the bill dept. got the information. Yet in May I got a letter of collection from direct tv's collection dept.. I called the customer service again and talked to a supervisor, who pulled out all the history information and apologized to me, telling me that it would not happen again. But in Early June I got another bill of collection. Again I disregarded it, thinking eventually direct tv will talk to one another and know what they are doing. Last week I came back from a trip and got a massage from 800-379-0847. I called but got no one. The number called again through the weekends. When I picked up the phone, no one was on the other end. This morning 6/30/08 I got calls from this number again. I picked up the phone to find no one. So I called again and a man told me it's Narionwide collection agency, collecting $118.26 for direct tv. I told him dtv made a mistake and for 4 months it still has not done a thing and send for collection! Dtv is insane! But the agency called me in the next hour for 5 times. I talked to a rep. asking her to document the conversation and look at the history of billing. She was shocked how confusing the whole thing was! I also contacted direct tv customer service 9 times through the day, even through lunch with my 9 year old son, trying to sort things out. I requested a supervisor to speak kto, I was told one would call me in the "next 2 to 4 hours". Till now more than 6 hours have gone by I have not got one call back from a supervisor. Only one rep. took her time to explain to me that in May billing my card. Then sent me a letter of collection. I hve never got a single explaination in any forms but letters of collections and calls. My family life is disrupted and all my families are upset and directive is ruining my credit! I am paying my time and my credit for direct tv's irrisponsible mistakes!

Diretive should compensate me for all my time that I've spent on talking to them! Directive should apologize to me and my family for their poor, careless service. Today, 3 out of 9 customer reps. hang up on me. I would like direct tv senior offiers to read my complaint and get it resolved. Those lazy, rude, careless, irrisponsible employees should get disciplined.

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