They are always rude and not helpful at all. I have never hung up the phone and be happy or satisfied with the service.

I am always more frustrated after trying to get help from them. Save yourself from the frustration and dissatistaction and don't buy into their false sales. Just today they tell us to look at the black box that looks like a "brick" that plugs into our wall. What the *** our they talking about we have no "brick" attached.

They are so clueless at what they are telling people. They are no help at all!!!

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

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The Black box is a power inserter. every directv system installed since 2011 has one and it is basically a power cord for the satellite dish.

Maybe if you called in with the mindset of trying to get something fixed instead of having the common attitude that you have all the answers and not accepting the information given to you by representitives trained in the process.

Too many people call in assuming they know all the answers and that they are always right. People need to grow up, learn that they do not know everything and maybe for once in their entire life listen to someone who actually knows what they are doing.


Not only are they rude they are also dis-respectful, shiftless, greedy, leaches. I have been swindled into a two year contract after a AT&T rep convinced me that I would be getting 4 boxes for my tv's and services with Direct TV at $38.99 a month for a year if I bundle my services. AT&T is full of *** as well

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