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Tried to contact Direct TV because I lost signal on one unit only. After calling six different numbers (first five were disconnected), I finally got their canned tech service. The computer walked me through exactly the same trouble shooting steps I had followed in the book left by the installer. Five minutes I was allowed to speak to the rudest human they could find.

The call was concluded without any additional information or resolution. I hung up got on line and resolved the problem by following a recommendation I found on-line.

Twenty months and counting to change back to a REAL communication provider.

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i signed up two and half years ago cost me 211$ set up and 2yr contract. in aug i had another room added.did not know i was signing a 2yr contract.

cost us 179$ . yesterday called to check on local channels but could not get. informed we would be switching over to direct tv. no begging to stay.....switched to direct tv today.

cost 0...only 2 yr contract..have local channels also. called direct to cancel. was informed they would have hooke up our outside antennas blah blah. too late.

cancel service.

by the way cost $311 to break contract for added bedroom in aug...i spent 179 to have installed and do not remember said charged $99 for receiver to leased for twoyears/ plus pay monthly 5.99 service.. i will never ever give direct another dime.

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