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We got a dish installed on our brand new mobile tech. Argue with me on where I wantedbit to the point it was useless.

The tech put a dish on the corner of a new mobile creasing the corner so bad to the point to where it's cracking and if my neighbor happens to have a big truck it would block all satellite connection it looks horrible he did so much damage it is unreal decimet was $2,400 this is two and a half months ago then furthermore to technician goes into my son's bedroom laser across his bed smashing his wooden frame where it was into splinters walks out last in my face saying that he broke my son's bed I called DirecTV two and a half months ago reported all this that the technician was rude obnoxious argumentative and would not listen to anything I said came back to where it was not going to be fixed two and a half months later still fighting to get it fixed something that cost $2,400 they're offering me $350 this is still not settled unbelievable that DirecTV and AT&T would treat their customers of 14 years like this a billion dollar company not helping the consumers that makes the money unbelievable I have fought with DirecTV and AT&T up into the corporate offices to the point to where it has thrown me into anxiety attacks and push me into the ER. Is pretty severe and they still are argumentative and refuse to pay for my mobile to the 6th winners going to be coming and it's a possibility that mold can be setting into my new mobile and they still won't fix it I would not recommend DirecTV or AT&T to anybody at this point this is not how you treat customers are 14 years or even if I was a customer of one year every time I do talk to anybody from AT&T or DirecTV they're very apologetic but that's still not getting my mobile or my son off the floor

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Installation.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Yes...I was recently talked into coming back to directv. I'll paraphrase..Before I would do it and at some expense as we were dish customers with 160$ penalty to be paid we went over every single tax and fee, I'm one who reads all of the fine print, and it would be 69.91/mo for the 1st year.

I asked for a paper bill first before agreeing to autopay. Funny...1st bill was correct. Next ( autopay) was 143$! This was in Dec and I've made 5 calls, been promised return calls" tomorrow" after their supervisor checks into it.

There is more but I'll write that in the forum. When they did call back finally it was to ask if I wanted to sign up for Directv. OMG.

Nothing to my knowledge has been done. After 45 minutes was told they are looking to see if any action has been taken...yeah.

@Ken Kruszka

Direct Tv sucks


Time for a free consult with an attorney.


I would enjoy sending you a coupon for a free movie of your choice. I can also adjust your bill .13 cents per month for the negative comments you posted.

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