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I signed up with DTV in July 2010, paid the initial fees, etc. When the installer came out, he was a contractor and was more interested in closing a loan for his loan company than installing the dish. His "out" was that I needed to prove to him I had HOA approval before he would install the dish. It was helpful, though, that he told us where and how the dish would be installed, so I had specifics to give to the HOA for approval.

Since our HOA meets every 2 months, and I already missed the meeting, I told him it would be 2 months before it would be installed. He said "no problem."

25 days later I received a voice mail that my service had been cancelled for non installation. "If you have a problem with it, call us back."

I had a problem with it and called them back. They said that they could not access my files cause it was cancelled. I asked them to re-instate my account, since I had received a pretty good 4th of July promotion, that, of course has yet to be repeated.

I called several times, and they said they could do nothing, go back to Best Buy where I signed up and see what I could do.

So I did. Nothing they could do, except start again, do another credit check (small ding), and of course, no way to reinstate the promotion.

Meantime, I had been billed for the first month.

I received a credit for the initial fees, so I thought they were on top of things. Waited for the bill credit. Instead they billed again, and again.

Meantime, to hold up my end of the bargain, I received HOA approval and initiated service again, this time through COSTCO. The deal was OK, but not what I needed or wanted. Instead of being a base package of $39.95 with a whole year free of HBO, etc. I got the football package (we don't watch football) just to get the movies. Cost--$87.00

They installed the unit in Sept. Meantime still billed for old service that was never installed. Kept waiting for them to figure it out. Finally called and really confused the people. I was getting double billed and they could not figure it out.

Spoke with so many people I lost track. All said this was unusual and would have a supervisor call back. Did not happen, although they kept calling with upsells!

I finally had to cancel my credit card because I did not want to be charged anymore. That cost me a fee.

The bank was useless in trying to recover the bogus charges.

I diligently called DTV, with the same response. Waiting on hold for 45 minutes waiting for a supervisor who never was available.

Meantime they wanted a cancellation fee from me, but I never cancelled the service, just postponed the installation because the technician refused to do the install.

If you don't install within 30 days, automatic cancellation. Really? Am I the only person to live in HOA? Haven't they encountered this before?

What began to worry me is that the billing people could access this closed account, but customer service could not---big red flag. The billing people kept telling me it had been installed. I said no. Why would I install 2 dishes on my little house? Why would I pay for two accounts? They agreed it made no sense.

I finally spoke with them on a Thursday, and was assured that it would be handled that day.

The following Monday I was sent to collections for non payment of the cancellation fees. Truth was, they OWED ME $235.32 in bogus charges.

Finally got through to a supervisor on Dec 23rd. 2 hours on the phone. My credit was damaged by their error, and they still had my money. He finally fixed the problem, and I received confirmation by e mail while still on the phone. I asked if they could just credit my real, active account, but he could not do that. Since I cancelled the credit card they were using, they could not credit that either.

Just received a paper statement today acknowledging they owe me money, as a credit balance on the closed account. No check yet. It has been 4 weeks! Guess I have to make a few more calls.

Turns out that the fella that refused to install the dish must have installed it for a friend, because the dish was considered "active" by DTV. He activated the dish, but did not install it in my home. Somebody was getting free TV while I paid their bill. Now that's a racket!

So, if you sign up with DTV....get it installed within 30 days, and don't let an independent contractor do the work. Do not sign up for automatic billing,

Or don't call DTV at all!

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Milton, Florida, United States #828529

Although I understand your frustration, you can't let a few bad sub contractors be held accountable for a good company. The people you were dealing with were not doing their job.

That happens in all companies not just them. People need to treat others as they want to be treated and this wouldn't happen.

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