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I got Direct TV i wanted the pkg advertised for $29.99 i was never told about the Rebates to turn in, my first bill was $114.00 and was over due ( I never got an explaination on that it was my first bill. Im still being charged $46.00 a month, and i did not sign up for the basic pkg but the middle one and was not going to change it.

If I was to get the middle pkg then why did i not get the 3 free movie channels for 3 months?

and wanted $480.00 to cancel early , they were rude.

I called the Attorney General and after they contacted Direct TV i got a letter back from the Attny General stating Direct TV were not going to cooperate and the letter from Direct TV was a total lie.I called the FTC and they told me they cant help individuals but if every one complains they can get a lawsuit against them and i would be put on the list for compensation this is for NY any way so every one should call their FTC complain it takes only 5 min they answer right away and are open after hours so please call them this is for NY call # 1-877-382-4357, These people (Direct Tv) are terrible to deal with.

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Very upset about NFL Sunday ticket adverting. Teeny tiny astericks show you need an additional $100.00 over already steep price to get HD.

I will take advice to call FCC in CA. Thanks

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