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I ordered the commercial choice package for my new sports bar on 2/26/08. I was promised 50% off the $151.00 commercial choice package for six months, Free Installation, and HD service if I purchased 3 HD receivers for $200.00 each. They billed my credit card $673.26 on 2/26/08.

When the installer showed up, he tried to charge my $400.00 for "custom installation". I insisted on the free installation that I was promised. It took 3 heated phone calls, 1 week of time, and a new "installation contractor" until my service was up and running on 3/10/08.

Today, I received my first bill. I expected about $75.00 plus tax. The bill is $206.11. Once again, I called to inquire, and was told that my 50% discount had not been applied yet, and if I want HD service, they were going to bill an unexpected $49.00 per month.

Now, having my over a barrel, I have 3 choices. Pay the $49.00 per month for the HD service, discontinue the HD service, and eat the $673.26 that I paid for the HD receivers that are non refundable, or cancel the service all together, eating the $673.26 plus a $300.00 early cancellation fee.

Please help me if you can. I have a brand new business here that is tough enough. I do not have the resources to take on a company this size.


Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

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Should have gone with Dish TV. Direct is nothing but trouble.


I'm with you 100% As you are i'm struggling with Direct TV bull ***. I'm trying to get enough people so we can all make a stand!!!