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scheduled for upgrade installation on 03/07 btwn 0800-1200 get a call around 0930 am the day of appt to tell me they cant come for another week after i took time off work at substantial personal expense we did have snow but roads were clear my dish is at ground level no climbing all cable work with little exception is inside the house no excuse, my time is valuable and I am a long time customer in good standing but was treated with disdain and disrespect. could give them slack for a day or two but not another entire week, I am pissed.

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Mataram, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia #258870

i had to wait 4 days for an install on 03/8/11. the tech came but said he needed a second opinion.

the supervisor came out at 5:30 and said he didnt know why the tech needed a second opinion. we were assured they would have it done no later than 03/10/11. well, we havent heard anything. i call and they say they cant install until the 13th!

i also took a vacation day yesterday because i'm a single mom.

I also had someone there on the 8th and today. this is very inconvenient

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