Here is my last email to them:

we have tried to get someone out to our house to fix our HD dish for several

months.AFter a no show on the first appointment and 3 reschedules without our

authorization and over 4 hours on the phone, in just one day, we canceled. The

man on the phone said we had a credit of $128 and would not be charged since you

all did not provide the service, ITS YOUR FREAKING FAULT WE CANCELLED! Now I

logged on, just to make sure, cause we have had so many issues with you all, and

it says you will charge my card $542.24! heck no! You need to take these

charges off now, you failed to provide service, i have several emails from you

all to record your lack of providing service. i will forward them upon

recieving an email ! PLEASE REPLY NOW!

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

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You are not along in this case, this *** did the same thing to me and now i have a collection agency on my ***. They didn't provided me with services during two periods and after i cancelled the services with them for no service, they charged me $354 i disputed the charges to them, no answer from their part and now a different collection agency is trying to collect again


Wow..you as#holes have nothing better to do than pick on this poor guy who's getting ripped off. Gee, I wonder which scumbags on here work for Dtv, could it be the man and sally?

Hmmm. If you haven't noticed from the MULTIPLE complaints then let me inform you: Dtv RIPS every customer off! They pull sh@t out of thier *** to get your business and then act as smart as a box of rocks when you have a problem. And no, it's not stated anywhere for all to see before subscribing.

Give me a break. Everyone here has beef with Dtv so maybe you two should go find a website to help you prepare for your Kindergarten entrance exam!


Out of business? DirecTV increased profits in the 3rd quarter of 2008 by 15%...

up to 4.98 bababababillion large. Yeah, they are shaking in their boots because of the internet warrior known as Tom Corsi...


Direct TV employees are the biggest bunch of creeps in the business world of entertainment & media. They offer a sub-standard product which is why they have a buyout & even when they know they are wrong & have breached their contract and tell you they will not charge you, they still do.

Whatr a bunch of LOSERS. I have personally persuaded some 57 people NOT TO SWITCH! I hope I am costing Direct-TV thousands of dollars by telling the truth. I will do EVERYTHING in my power to help you lose revenue simply by telling the truth.

SOmething you azzholes should try... oops you cant do that you would be out of business

Karori, Wellington, New Zealand #47736

:cry Cry much?

Learn how to type a proper email and maybe, just maybe you'll see something positive out of it.

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