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I ordered Direct TV through the AAA discount, which is also offered to the general public (big discount). It offered a free DVR.

I don't watch a lot of TV (I'm in my 80s), so I didn't try to use the DVR until I'd had the equipment for 2 weeks. The recorder wouldn't work. A friend came to look at the equipment and it turned out that I only got a standard receiver, not a DVR.

Direct TV said that since I didn't let them know within 5 days, that I can't have the free DVR, I have to pay $170 for it!

Talk about a bait and switch! Don't get Direct TV, but if you do, check all your equipment carefully before the installer gets out the door!!

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I would get in touch with AAA and let them know what a ripoff DTV is.You deserve to have the DVR because I'll bet they are charging you extra for it even though you don't have it..check your bill to be sure.

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