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I just spent approximately an hour trying to cancel my account with Direct T.V. Wanted to cancel my account b/c I am moving, however, given the difficulty I encountered in trying to speak with a customer service representative, I would have cancelled whether I was moving or not!

I currently owe a balance on my account and when I called the customer service number, the automated service would not allow me to speak with a representative until I paid the bill. So, I tried calling the NEW SERVICE number. I was able to speak with a live human being since I was trying to OPEN a new account (go figure). I informed her of my dilemma and she transferred me to the Customer Retention Dept. When I told the rep in Customer Retention that I would never recommend Direct T.V. to anyone, he told me he needed to put me on hold and he disconnected me (I did not yell, did not swear, just stated my case calmly and tastefully).

Finally I went online to see if others had complained and found a list of Direct T.V. complaints and list of phone numbers. I called 3 other numbers not listed on the Direct T.V. site and they all had the automation until I called (800) 942-2788. Finally, a human being!!!!!! She transferred me once again to Customer Retention and this person tried over and over to retain me as a customer. I finally told her that nothing she could say would persuade me to stay and please just send me the boxes to ship the receivers back. She tried to get a forwarding address...nope not giving to them!! She did put me on hold but thankfully did not disconnect me. I am finally cancelled!!!!! Yipee!!!

Good Luck to all you Direct T.V. users out there and stay away if you have not yet joined!!

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Good idea...thank you!


Good Advice...Hopefully you will get the boxes in a timely manner.Make sure to get a tracking # from FedEx when returning the equipment in case DTV tries to say you did not return it.

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