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My service was fairly decent for the 4 1/2 of the 6 months I have had it, until I started getting a error message saying that my satellite receiver was scanning for a better signal. I called Direct TV and they said the could send out a technician for $29.99 to fix the problem.

Hmmmm... I was thinking I have to pay a technician to fix a problem that I did not cause. I asked to speak to a supervisor and after spending additional time arguing with the representative I was connected to a supervisor. I asked the supervisor why I was being charged to have my service fixed when it was not my fault and I could not get a straight answer.

So I said its not fair to charge me $29.99 and she corrected me and told me it was a $49.95 dollar one time service charge or I could pay 5.95 a month for insurance. So now I know im done with direct tv and want out. Well apparently I have a two year contract and am told that I have to pay 380.00 dollars to cancel the service im not getting because of equipment problems. I even asked the woman if she thought that it was fair to be charged to have someone come out and fix the equipment.

She still would not give me a "direct" answer.

If you sign up and are unsatisfied with Direct T.V they charge $20.00 dollars a month for the service you don't use out of the 2 year contract. I think there should be a law that protects consumers when your forced to pay for faulty service.

Review about: Directv Receiver.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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We have had Direct TV for years, without any real complaints. It works well, the picture is better than cable, and their customer service has always been good.


i also got ripped off by direct tv. they baited and switched me on a price for a year and only gave me 6 months and raised the bill $24 a month.

i had to fight to get the rebate even. when they refused to honor their price quote i canceled one receiver and reduced the subscription to minimal. i canceled the insurance too. get this i started direct tv the first week of july 08' and now one year and 2 weeks later i cancel insurance and they fine me because they claim it was less than one year.

i said july to july is one year.....they say but you didn't get the bill till august for july and therefore i canceled early.

july to july is ONE YEAR it doesn't matter when the bill comes out!!!! they are the worst liars!!


:cry I have no idea what to do my bill is 198 a month for bright house in orlando and DTV seems the best option to go


I feel you pain. I've had a very similar problem with Comcast here in Jacksonville, FL.

I think it's criminal. I'm glad I saw all the complaints against Direct TV. I was considering checking them out but not now. Good luck with this company.

I fed up with the whole industry. I'm thinking of doign away with these services all together.

We lived without them once before and we can again. Put all of them out of business!

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