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Illiterate, contradicting, deliberately annoying DIRECT-TV salepeople.


I informed him that I'm a potential new customer, and he replies since you already had service you'll have to call in, I'll be glad to give you the number; And then CUTS ME OFF - GOODBY Great salesmanship, the MANAGER must reflect in his staff.

Another salesperson:

I inquire about delayed 3 free months of premium channels, she says yes, sure, then probably then I never heard of this before, I'll connect you to a supervisor then hangs up.

I inquire about payment options, and she says monthly is OK, PERIOD. Then I ask about services - details regarding packages - she informs me, then she states that you don't gett that with certain payments, yet didn't mention this previously when I asked about payments. We are past - no fast - becomming a third world, we are an eighth world. Explanation: third world people postmigratorily established around 50 to 75 thousand years ago, mankind originated in Africa about 200 thousand years ago (I've heard several varying estimates all DNA based - oddly enough)so prorated or extrapolated that makes Africa about eighth world. And we are absorbing and de-evolving at a tremendous pace. Go Devo! Go James!

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