I owed direct tv $250.00 It was due on November 26, 2011. I mailed a money order for the amount of the bill.

Direct-TV stated that it takes four-five days to process. It was Thanksgiving weekend, I exlpained to them, that I've been a valuable costumer to you for five years. I never been late and always paid my bill on time. I asked politely, "Can you please extend my 7 days extension until my payment is processed?" I had family over for the holiday weekend and they still interrupted my services.

They didn't even consider the $10,000 I gave them over five years of service. They only were worried about the $250.00.

I thought that this was a cruel and inconsiderate decision on Direct-TV. I immediately told them when they process my payment to come get their disk off my roof and the other house I own plus their 8 boxes between the two homes.

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