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The discrimination by Direct TV is against NON-Hispanics.

Yesterday my sister was approached by a guy marketing Direct TV. When she expressed interest he asked her if anyone in her family is Hispanic, or has a Hispanic last name. She said her sister was married to a man with a Hispanic last name, and she retained his Hispanic last name after their divorce. The Direct TV guy told my sister that she should have our other sister apply for the Direct TV service under her Hispanic last name because is you are Hispanic, Direct TV has a "special offer" for Hispanics ONLY, and they can get the Direct TV service at a cut rate and they get 6 MONTHS service for FREE.

When my sister told the guy that is discrimination and RACIST, and it is against the law to offer a "special deal" to anyone based on RACE, he told her not to get him into trouble because he is only supposed to be telling Spanish speaking customers and Hispanics about the special offer for Hispanics ONLY.


Maybe the service guy at your house knows about the preferential special deals that Hispanics are getting from Direct TV and he is DISGUSTED by it?


I intend to file consumer complaints about the special deals for Hispanics ONLY, and submit this information to the United States federal government, EEOC, as a violation of discrimination laws.

I also intent to turn Direct TV in to the Dept of Consumer Affairs, and the State Attorney General Office.

If I have to I will file a class action lawsuit against Direct TV, and all NON-Hispanics who were not offered 6 months of free service when they signed up with the service can then become party to the class action lawsuit.

When Direct TV loses the class action lawsuit, on the grounds of DISCRIMINATION BASED ON RACE - they will have to pay millions of US dollars to all the US customers who are NOT Hispanic and who were NOT offered a "special deal" that included a cut rate and 6 months of free Direct TV service.

Let that be a lesson to any company who thinks they can discriminate against customers based on their race.

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