Just signed a contract within two months and called to add another receiver today. Was told in the intial sign up we could call and add boxes at same rate of $6.00.

When I called not only was I told that I had to pay an equipment charge but also let me know that I had the "Standard Box" not the "HD box". That was probably why my picture was not clear. Ask him to change out and said that for over $300 I could, I should have asked for that box in the beginning it was "Free". If you are a new customer to Direct TV how do you know they have two different boxes if they don't tell you.

Customer service is a joke - talked over 2 hours to 3 supervisors and cancellation( like my time was not valuable!) only to find out they do this on purpose.

So my suggestion is to use Dish TV, we had them before and no contract!!

They care that you are a happy customer. I wouldn't refer Direct TV to anyone!

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DISH IS NO BETTER THAN DIRECTV believe me when i state this.I have had COMCAST-TIME WARNER AND DIRECTV and ONE is no better than the other.All of this is because of MONEY.One think's the other is getting a little more than the other.Nither is thinking about how the outcome is going to end.I do not care who is right or Who is wrong.All i care about is 20 or More channel's is blacked out from my package plan.And i want this matter settled one way or the other.$5.00 or $10.00 decrease in my billing is not going to work for me.I went through this same nightmare when DIRECTV was having a problem with the FOX'S NETWORK.And look what happen.DIRECTV took it's customer's through this nightmare and Still ended up increasing their package plan's by $5.00.The same thing will happen here and I will DOWN GRADE my package again.So tell me?IN THE END WHO LOSES.Being GREEDY is not GOOD FOR ANYONE AND IN THE END BOTH BUSINESSES WILL LOSE.In case either of you are not aware "MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL".And to me BOTH OF YOU ARE WRONG.DIRECTV if you wanted to increase the monthly payment's again,You should have done so without this mess.You could have let your customer's choose witch channel's they wanted to purchased instead of the way in which you handle this problem.It is so sad that everyone is so GREEDY for MONEY.WTF.ARE YOU DOING?ARE YOU TRYING TO LOSE CUSTOMER'S?


No, angry, I am not. In fact, Dish was MY last provider as well.

You look foolish when you make suppositions, so don't.

The point is, high def has been out for YEARS now. Seriously.

You have to be monumentally *** to purchase or rent the wrong equipment after this many years of being in a high def world.

Since it bears on your comments I will also say I find Dish to be far superior to DTV, unless you're a sports fan.


Tv watcher you must be a direct rep, direct is a very deceptive company I also had dish and they were much better than direct and I can say they were concerned about their customers and didn't lie, me personally preference cable and when I can will drop direct thanks for advice just saying


Moving is the same. I was told I qualify for a free move but would be charged a few for them to bring the equipment from the warehouse!

what equipment?! I have everything already & I am taking it to my new place.


A wise thing to do would be to get a prepaid credit card and give them to keep on file and change the # on your bank or credit card whichever they have on file for you. this will prevent them from helping themselves to you account whenever they see fit. DTV is losing a lot of channels and I'll bet they do not lower the customers bills.


I too had a horrible experience with direct, we had them for many years, purchased two hd receivers (which we had to return when we cancelled) we thought since we had them for many years there would be no early cancellation fee of 200 bucks! I was told we would be charged that fee because the contract had been re-instated when we add a another tv- change our program from regular to HD, I couldnt believe it!' Will never have them again! Too much competition out there!

:cry :cry :( :(


If, in this day and age, you don't know the difference between standard def and high def and to get the correct box that works with your TV, then I'm sorry, but you're a ***.

Also, Dish DOES have a contract.

Always did and will.

It goes month to month after the initial term. You should be complaining about your own ignorance, not Direct TV.

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