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Attention: Billing Dispute

RE: Direct TV claim that I violated the contract.

According to international and universal (uniform) Contract Law, such as the UCC, a contract can only be valid if it follows all the Rules and Process of law that created it. One of the main elements or rules of contract law states that "all parties must understand the scope, nature, terms, and conditions of the contract". Another main element states that "all parties must consent to the contract". If it is not agreed to and there is no mutual consent, then there is no contract. Any purported commercial contract that fails to be entered into by mutual "good faith", with full disclosure of the terms and conditions to both parties, and consent by all parties, is void ab initio (from the beginning). Whenever the elements of "good faith" disclosure and/or "consent" are missing, any contract can automatically be ruled null and void if the deceived or defrauded party enforces the Rules of Law.

The agent acting for Direct TV did not act in good faith by the non-disclosure all of all of the terms on the alleged contract. I was told that the $70.00 per month package for a 2 year period would be $40.00 per month the first year and then go up to $70.00 per month the second year. I was not informed of the fees you would stack on for lease of the receivers and that those fees would conveniently wipeout the discount offered the first year and then cause the second year price per month to be $100. I had serious doubts that your service was worth what I thought I was going to have to pay. There is not doubt in my mind that there is not the remotest possibility that I would have entered into a contract with Direct TV at the rate of $70.00 per month the first year and $100.00 per month from then on.

I have no doubt that the paper I signed the day the equipment was installed in my house does disclose the terms that you state and the prices you say I owe. But to not disclose those terms at the time the sales pitch is being made and the prices for your service are being discussed and considered for purchase and then put those undisclosed in the terms in the contract is unconscionable. There is no "meeting of the minds" when one of the parties to the alleged contract acts in such a deceitful manner.

I acted in good faith upon the information provided by your agent and was prepared to keep your service for the 2 year period of the alleged contract. Since your agent [YOU] failed to disclose to me all the terms you put into the written paper [alleged contract] for me to sign, the alleged contract is null and void and does not obligate me to pay you anything whatsoever. You will be lucky if I don't sue you for your breach and all the money you took from me in your scam.

How many people have you caught up in your deceitfulness and convinced them that they were obligated by your bogus contract? How many people have your bled for 2 years because they thought they were obligated by your bogus contract which implies they have to perform according to the terms of your scam?

I don't chose to play by your rules and I know that when the Principle [Direct TV through your Agent] does not disclose all of the terms of the proposed contract, then there is no contract, it is null and void from its conception.

Stop harassing me and stop calling me. If I find that you have sent harmful information to credit bureaus, I will report you and take all legal action available to correct your wrongful misdeeds.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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I changed the acct # on my credit card and then called DTV to cancel service the day I learned what they were doing. :grin :grin

The post I made is the letter I sent to DTV's Billing Dispute Dept.

over a month ago and I have not heard a peep from them by mail or phone call.

sessa, call it whinning, I don't care.

I am an adult, I know my rights and I know the law and I won't be bullied by scammers like DTV. :grin


Thank you for the info. I was wondering about that 2 year agreement.

It sounded too good to be true. After reading this I will not be switching to DTV.

It actually makes my Comcast service look great compared to DTV. As to the response by Sessa I can only assume he works for DTV why else would he respond so arrogantly.


The salesmen make sure you do not read the contract at the time of the sale they do this for a reason.The bad thing is you can't sue DTV,it's in their contract. DTV had deceived millions of people using the same scam as they pulled on you.The best thing you can do is to change or close the account DTV has on file for you to prevent unwanted charges by them.It is almost impossible to get your money back after they take it.You can also post your own statement on the credit bureaus if they put a negative report on yours.DTV does not play by the same rules as honest businesses do.They make their own. You can't sue DTV,it's in their contract.


Yeah, good luck with that. :roll :roll You are I assume, an adult, yet you sound like a child.

It is not DIRECTV's fault that YOU didn't read the contract. I have absolutely zero sympathy for people who can't take responsibility for themselves.

It was not up to the rep to read the agreement to you, it was up to you to read and understand it and now that you know you screwed up by not doing so you're whining about it. I hope they DO report you to the credit bureaus, as they actually didn't cause the problem.