Saginaw, Michigan

WE cancelled our direct tv and verizon bundle due to a better deal with another company. We were outside of our two yrs service agreement.

We paid verizon our last bill and our account was at $0. Direct TV also said our account was at $0. IN July we a $60 credit check come to us from Direct Tv. Oddly IN September they billed us $209.

OUt of the blue. WE disputed it and in just 15 days of us not paying the bill they turned us over to an outside collection agency. When we called to ask what the charges were for we could never get an answer. On the phone for over an hour at times until we finally were forced to double pay or have bad credit.

Very dishonest company with employees who can give no answers.

BEWARE of bundle packages with them. They are only after the $$$$$$!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $209.

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If you ever encounter problems and talk to 10 different people at directv, you will most likely get a variety of answers. Some are mean and down right sassy, others are very nice.

I dont trust them, i had problems with them when i originally signed up for them and fought with them for 6 months till i got what i orderd! thru their bait and switch tactics. I finally threatened to put a letter in the CEO's hand, not his secretary'a hand but his! by making him sign at either the California office and Colorado office.

Also keep your trail of emails, that often helps you win arguments against their lies.

Im sure the credit bureaus are loaded with their false claims of people not paying their bills. They are losing CLOUT!!!!


This company has the worst customer service of any company I ever dealt with! Try to contact them.

Good Luck!

They offer come on packages & before you know it you are paying thru the nose. Whatever you do , do not order any axtras.