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I was a subscriber to Dish and when they raised their rates I checked into Direct TV. I was quoted $52.99 (including tax) for Choice Extra programming for 24 months.

I specifically asked the rep if the rates would increase. He said know. I specifically said "my rate for the first 12 months with rebates and credit for direct pay will be $52.99 including tax. My rate for the second 12 months of the contract will be $52.99 with rebates and credits for direct pay." He said yes.

I get my first bill and the amount is $13 more and the programming is Choice, not Choice Xtra. I call customer service. She says they will check recorded message and get back to me. Four days later I get a call and the rep says "We listed to the recording and yes, you are correct.

You were PROMISED $52.99 for 24 months but our rep was incorrect. We cannot give you that price, that's not our special. We can give you that price for the first 12 months, then your rate will increase to $73 plus tax for the second 12 months. We can also downgrade your service to save you even more." I told her that was not acceptable.

The only was to resolve this issue was for them to honor their original quote. Isn't that what a reputable company does? She refused to honor their quote. I requested multiple times to speak with someone of higher authority.

She insisted she was a supervisor and that they could not honor their original quote. I asked her is she understood what the meaning of the word "promise" is. Her words "the rep PROMISED you this rate, but we can't honor it. WHAT?!!

She was so kind to offer to waive the cancellation fee if I wanted to cancel. DON'T TRUST THAT. All I want is for them to honor their original quote (PROMISED). Doesn't it make more sense to have a happy, loyal customer?

I guess they would rather I not be their customer. I will take this to mediation if I have to. Dish did the exact same thing and I took them to mediation and won.

Why is it that these satellite tv companies are SO DISHONEST AND DISREPECTFUL! Very sad.

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