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Nothing new to report. I finally received a E-mail from Direct about a week ago saying they would look into the matter.

They also said I shouldn\'t have contacted the Atty General because they felt it could be handled had I contacted them with my concerns.OMG! I told them I had spent countless hours on the phone with them to no resolution. I told them I was fully aware of the Class Action Lawsuit they are involved with concerning these very issues! I still have no resolution!

My son is being deployed to Afganistan and they let him out of his contract, no termination fee! So I guess it\'s going to take me going with him?

Original review posted by user Oct 06, 2011

This company has become one of the best scam artist around. Each person only tells you about half of what you need to know.

They lie to you and then deny,deny,deny! They must have a school to sell and not deliver. They remind me of one of those "FREE" trips to Branson. You never get what you expect.

They will extend your contract on you without you knowing and will never tell you!

You might as well be talking to the wall when you are looking for service, cause they can't Hear.....You!

I mean what do you think of a company that goes on National TV and Bad mouth's their competition? Does that make you want it more?

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

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My complaint is they added another 24 months to my contract and never told me. This is the kind of things they do. I constantly have to call in to have them correct my bill.


You are absolutely correct in what you say but...what is your complaint??

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