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Not only are we going through the whole via com bs we also had the idiots offer to upgrade our systems for free because of our uninterrupted loyalty and all the problems we have had from them and their lack of service but every time we scheduled the appointment for install these crooks had fees and charges amounting to the same total as if I offered to purchase these "free" upgrades. After month of complaints an negotiations I was informed that a tech would be here in 6 weeks.

Come on really? So I *** work to meet the tech whom called at 7:45 am to confirm and then never showed up to my home all day. When I call to inquire as to why, I'm informed that the order has been canceled. Next after three hours on the phone I'm informed that I must wait another two weeks for the next available appointment.

I managed to get them at my home in two days by complaining till I got 3 supervisors deep. This *** shows up in a pick up trunk with all my new equipment in the back being rained on by flash floods. Wow. Then he stays in my home for over 8 (yes folks thats an EIGHT) hours just installing our new "complimentary" hardware.

After all that the den doesn't even work tonight and the streaming video service we were promised was never even hooked up and again a complete Los of signal in my den where the biggest tv and where the family hangs out the most. These guys suck from every aspect. From customer service or the lack there of, to the actual techs to the cable service they offer. Wake up world.

All their ad campaigns tell the tale. These guys spend more time money and effort on getting new customers then they do retaining the existing loyal bill paying customers.

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:cry Quit talking about it, just switch to Dish, where they care about thier customers! I wouldn't accept Direct if it was free in a "BUNDLE"!

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