La Grange Park, Illinois

My current bill is $110 for basic HD DVR service on 2 TV's. I called to request a promotional discount as I was considering canceling my account.

After 8 years as a customer they refused to lower my bill. I have 11 months left on the contract but I am canceling my service. I e-mailed the corporate office and they still would not offer a single discount to keep me as a customer. They do not care if you are under contract, they will do nothing for you!

I made the mistake of agreeing to a 2 year contract after an equipment upgrade. It would be much cheaper to pay the cancellation fee and sign with a new company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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I agree you are not privileged, you are treated like anyone else.

Put your big boy pants on and pay your bill like the rest of the world

If you want more advanced equipment or better programming pay for it

This my friend is how the world REALLY works


why should they offer to lower your bill when YOU signed the contract for the 2 years? that is your fault not theirs.

now if you were had gone past the 2 years and then they decided to not lower it?

THEN that should be on them, they can always afford a bit of a discount to keep your as a customer.

I know because I have my phone/internet/cable all in one bill. I've had the same charges for my channels for several years now, the only difference wss when I upgraded 2 boxes to HD ones.


You do not have DirectTV if you have phone/internet/cable on one bill because DTV is simply a satellite company and does not offer internet or phone so if you have DTV you have 2 separate bills if you also have phone and internet service


You can get one bill but it will just be two different providers


It's called "bundling" and it's been around for at least 15 years. A company like Century Link provides the Internet and phone; they partner with a TV provider like DirecTV and do one bill for all 3 services.

Customers pay Century Link; Century Link pays DirecTV out of that, customer gets a discount on both services for bundling. Who doesn't know that?