Greensboro, North Carolina

I been with direct Tv for 3 years, and they screwed me over. They told us one only day before before dropping 26 channels from our package.

No real warning at all! But still my bill is goin up! Im paying for channels I don't even have. If you are reading this and don't have direct Tv, Do not sighn up with them!!!

You you do have direct, Lets keep complaining, tell your story everywhere! Show the world who they really are,(SNAKES)!!!!!! Shame on them! Shame on direct Tv!

What about the customer? Direct Tv does not care about their customers!

In pissed! *** direct tv!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

Monetary Loss: $104.

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I just started with direct tv. If I had known this I would have stayed with dish. Does any one know if you can drop your service if they change the price, coz this is not what i signed up for.

Ed Zentner



I am very mad at directed. I paid for these channels and should be getting them it's odd charter isn't cutting channels. If I don't get them back soon with a bill reduction for days lost I'm swapping to charter


Why is directv doing this? Thy allways wait untill the channel gets turned off before thy if thy do anyting at all?

ARE THY TRYING TO GET RID OF TV ALLTOGETHER? I know dishnetwork got rid of AMC IFC WE SUNDANCE.I hope viacom dont go after cable next?


Direct Tv should be ashamed for several reasons..First reason the are feeding customers a bunch of bs that they are looking out for the customer..they really are not..if they were concerned they would lower our bills during this scandel...instead they give us ENCORE..SERIOUSLY...WHAT A JOKE..AND SLAP IN THE FACE.. why not all movie channels show us they are really about void my cancellation fee since you cant provide the service I'm paying for..If I can hold up my end of our contract I expect them to hold up their end..the issues they are having with viacom is not my problem..I'm sure Comcast and Uverse extremely happy right..I'm on my way Comcast


:( they dropped comedy central, i watch that every day, the only reason i had direct tv, im so pissed im going to switch to dish and rub it in their face


I only hav Direct tv fo rNFL football, but since they drop the channels that my wife and kids watch, I'm ending r relationship, Camcast here I come...


I dont think it is right that they can just drop 26 chanels from my plan without telling me and withouth lowering my bill.

I will drop them as soon as I can and go back to Comcast


we would like to watch the tour,but,we had been told we need to upgrade our package for add $$.chanels we don't care for would be part of the deal.

if I would like to buy an apple why do I have to purchase flour and sugar as well?

and then,we pay for Viacom and no service.

welcome to "corp USA"