Kansas City, Missouri

I had Dish Network and all was well. We live in a heavily treed area and in the spring a large tree about three blocks away caused our dish to not be able to be sighted to satellite.

Tech tried with no luck. We switched to Direct TV and were happy with picture and service. Several months after we got the service, and a 24 month contract, Direct TV dropped VERSUS Network. They said they were getting ripped off and would not pay the high prices demanded by VERSUS.

ALL Of their competitors still offer VERSUS as part of their packages. Direct TV forced me to take a higher package just to get VERSUS and then dropped it. When I called the first times, they said negotiations were in progress and they should offer VERSUS soon. No such luck.

When I called about dropping the Direct TV service, they want a $260 penalty for dropping them. I told them I was very happy overall with the service, but the lack of VERSUS which I watched the most, was not acceptable. The Rep was very obnoxious and very surly. He told me that they had lost 1.5 million customers over the VERSUS deal,and would not offer any relief for early termination.

If they change your package, you should be able to change or drop your service without penalty. I would gladly pay for VERSUS if I didn't have to pay for all of the *** channels that go into a package that no one watches.

I have filed a complaint with the AG's office and we'll see what happens.

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call them and when you get their menu, ask for cancellations. Tell them your being deployed overseas and they will cancel your contract, no questions asked.


:( I am so tired of hearing that you are dropping my childs favorite tv shows!! Do not do this, I will go to cable.


:( I am so tired of hearing that you are dropping my childs favorite tv shows!! Do not do this, I will go to cable.


My son is really upset about you dropping all of his 25 favorite channels. Please put them back, or leave them there. I will have to drop you if you do not.


Direct TV is now talking about dropping more channels. I am not psychic but even I can predict that with these SFB decisions they will NOT be in business long.

They really need to extract their heads to get some fresh O2 to their brains so that they can figure out the reality of the repercussions of their decisions. Each time they drop a channel they lose customers.



they cannot legally do this, they obviously think their customers are ***. We have legal contracts, they are breaking those contracts!

I have already written our State's office. You cannot change up a contract half way through and expect the customer to just suck it up.

not only that but my contact is up and they want the full $260.00 to cancel even my cell phone company prorates. I am dropping my service today.


we too will be forced to check out other options for our television viewing. We are avid followers of SOA, as well as Justified, and were shocked to hear about FX being dropped. I have been checking out other providers in my area, and will be placing a call if Direct TV does indeed make these changes on Nov.1.


To everyone who think dish has SOA it was dropped Oct 1st


I say we all call Direct tv on November 1 and cancel our subscription or at least complain and tell them it's in regards to their greedy business practices. The more people that pressure the better our chances to get fox back. About 10 of my friends that have Direct Tv and I are going to Drop them if this issue isn't resolved quickly!!


i think everbody should move over to dish network they are lot cheaper direct tv are the the biggest crooks in the satlite service :roll


I will be moving to Dish so I can get SOA


this is ***. SOA is one of my favorite shows


you should be able to sue for breach of contract, or make them stick to the package they sold you for the duration of your contract.