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Here it is, the NFL playoff games and Direct TV drops Fox Network.

I subscribed to Direct TV in October just for the NFL season.

I now am stuck in a 2 year contract.

At the time no one mentioned that there was a chance that I wouldn't be receiving one of the Major networks that was listed as part of my subscription package.

Direct TV has a horrible reputation for customer service but this dispute is all about Direct TV not wanting to pay for the Fox networks great programming. I pay my bill every month Direct TV needs to pay theirs.

I would suggest NO ONE sign up for Direct TV.

GO with Dish.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

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Fox news is total ***. If you think that is news, you are an ***.


Sorry , it should have said less than a penny per day.


If you can remember Tribune who owns the fox stations pulled this same money thing in November of last year with all of their other staions but left out the local networks. Tribune has filed chapter 11 and their major creditors are at least five the the major Wall Street corps which includes Chase.

Who do you think has the power now? It cetainly isn't Tribune anymore.Just check out the Tribune website. They say they are asking less than a penny per subsciber. Figure out how much that is.

Don't blame Directtv. When the contracts expire for all the other cable and satelite companies, they will be having the same problem.


im gonna miss my simpsons. :cry


I watch the fox channel everyday and i surly will switch to another provider if i cant watch it! :(


It is not Direct tv fault it is Fox. They want us to pay 40% more money then any other channel?

That's crazy *** Fox. Stinks I want to watch football and can't


Fuuuk u fox fuuuuk you direct tv


I like direct tv, they are only place who has nfl ticket and dish network blocked out the superbowl game a few years ago unless u paid seperate for it even though it was on local tv. Verizon and brighthouse are no better.

Ppl always put blame on companies or ppl before they know what's really going on with the situation.

I've had experience with all these companies and direct tv was the only one I never had problems with. Dish even told me they get there signal from the opposit directon of direct and when I said the direction it was the same and he couldn't give me an answer when I proved him wrong.


Ok, all of you who are upset at Direct TV do a little research on what is really going on with Direct TV and FOX. Also, if you plan on going to DISH; let me tell you DISH is a million times worse than Direct.

Two years ago, my son had a bunch of people at his house for Superbowl and DISH lost connection or something, but all 25 of us had to go to another house to see game.

DISH customer service had no clue what to tell us or how important Superbowl was to anyone in CA. So, Google "what is going on with Direct TV and Fox before ya'll get your panties in a wad!


better not lose fox!!!!


Just got this off the DIRECTV website, and its all over tv. DIRECTV has reached an agreement with News Corp/Fox to continue carrying all Fox-owned channels. There will be NO service disruption.


Shame on Direct TV for dropping Fox sports and one of my favorites "The Speed channel". Does this have some political connection with the poor job we are receiving from the White House and the other Democrats who are constantly being questioned by Fox News?


It was stated on DTV that Fox wants to increase the cost for FX channels 40%. What for?? And if Ruppert owns both....DTV deserve the lost of a lot of valuble customers.


I just called Direct TV and lodged my dissatisfaction with their decision to drop fox/ fox sports etc. I also confirmed when my contract is up, I have a few more months and if this isn't resolve I will be gone again from Direct TV.

Too bad one of the cable or Satellite co's don't understand the concept of "Customer Service" they all claim they are providing great customer service but I havent seen it. Their customer base is leaving in droves, something like 13% in the last report I saw. AOL and Netflix learned the hard way. I guess Direct TV is the next one.

If FoxSports goes I will also, the day my contract is up in a few months, not a threat... a promise. Greed, greed, greed, by both fox and direct tv, they are all making excessive profits and all of us consumers are struggling, when is enough, enough?

There are about 100 channels of trash I could care less about but foxsports is about 15% of my total viewing so it matters to me. Figure it out DTV


Sue for recission. There are lots of grounds, including force majeure, breach of implied warranty, and frustration of purpose. Don't forget to send a demand letter first, and keep a copy for evidence.


they both make billions. Seems there fighting who can make the most money at the customers expense


everyone else is struggling giving up raises to keep tere job. Direct tv and Fox should do the same


buh bye dtv


Anyway out of the contract for what is going on with Fox and dropping channels.What about the channels we signed up to watch.


This all seems confusing but doesn't Ruppert Murdoch own both Direct-TV and Fox?