We signed up for their HD service after about six years with them, and never knowingly agreed to a contract renewal, we were charged a $225 early termination fee. I asked them to produce the "contract," we never saw it or were sent it, of course (I think it may have been on the back of the signed work order for our high def dish).

We finally just conceded and paid the fee. A month later they, without our consent charged us $50 for a pay per view they said we ordered over a year ago and threatened to send it to collections, we refused to and will not pay for this charge.

We dont even have a contract with them anymore, we have a $225 bill to prove that. Save yourself a headachego with anyone else but Direct TV.

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karen roberts

I want an attorney to get me out of ths b.s. company and I know I am not the only unhappy person


I am with u brother I hate their company, practices, their *** jobs and I have only been with them for 4 weeks now I am in a commitment for 2, on person said 3 years oh and i want to have the great servive with dish I would have to spend 1 person said 100.00 1 said 75.00 and yet another said 99.99, pissed, you bet I am pissed. I am even thinking of hiring an attorney to get out a commitment that like you I never saw nor signed, mad, you can be your bottom direct tv dollar on it

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