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I understand that some companies must re-coupe costs from customers that leave without notice some how, but this is ridiculous. $420 for early termination.

My cell phone doesn't charge that. I liked Direct Tv while I had it, but I have fallen on financial hard times, and Direct Tv wants to hit me with a fee to cancel. If I can't afford the service, how can I afford the cancellation fee.

Do use direct TV if you can have the service without a contract (great)! If not don't do it, unless you are sure you would like the service for 24 months, and that you will be able to afford it.

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Verizon in itself is a nightmare. I've had 4 solid years of incorrect billing and internet and phone problems.

Especially when FIOS came into existence.

I logged over 100 hrs on phone waiting for someone from Verizon to help. DTV prices keep going up so I call Direct TV and they tell me I have a 2 yr contract with them with one year left. Verizon assures me changes in DTV won't affect my Verizon non-contract program. LIARS!!

DTY wants me to pay $150 early temination fee if I drop internet that might as well be dial-up.

DTV has no jurisdiction over Verizon but want to charge me fee. Hate Verizon and starting to really hate DTV.

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