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Direct TV is ripping me off, saying that I owe them a $360.00 early termination charge, stating that I agreed to a 2-yr service agreement, which I did not...My A/C# was 56811000 Melvin Magner...Service address was:1435 Willow Ave, Des Plaines, IL 60016...I knew when I moved into this address that it was to be short term & no where near 2 years, one of many reasons that I never would have agreed to this deal...I ordered service thru AT&T, who partnered with Direct TV for this service.....I never was verbally told about a 2-year agreement, I never received an e-mail about it & I most definitely never signed such an agreement....Direct TV is taking a position as though an alleged e-mail that was sent to me is a binding contract, which it is not, because I never received it, never agreed to such a thing (nor would I have) & they have NOTHING to establish proof that I agreed to it....e-mail's are consistently lost in the shuffle of spam & junk folders, etc....and certainly cannot constitute a binding agreement.....They actually should be sending me a refund of $30, once this ridiculous $360 charge is removed...I can be contacted at: 630-518-1725

Monetary Loss: $360.

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