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Called direct tv tonight to discuss faulty equipment problems I have been having, they have sent out (2) used boxes to resolve problems with remote not working properly. I explained that I was not happy with the way this was handled, I was offered to have technican come out and "look" at the problem.

They would not offer a new piece of equipment which I requested. Tech "Brandon 100-595-309" was very impolite and condesending on the phone, repeated (3) times that I had a "valid" termination fee to pay and it was just company policy to always charge termination fees even though I explained again I felt they should waive fee in exchange for my being so dis-satisfied with the equipment. After being talked to like a child for a few minutes more with Brandon, I requested to speak with a senior service tech, Brandon would not let me transfer to senior service tech until I gave him a "valid" reason for the request. After I convinced him to transfer me, he kept me on hold for 20min while he discussed the call with the next person.

Here's where it gets interesting, "Ashley 100-588-535" who is aparently a senior floor service advisor was even worse than Brandon. Again with the hearing (3) times about the valid termination fee after being told that I was one unhappy customer. Courtesy and professionalism are missing at Direct TV. Never again will they have me as a customer.

10 yrs of never missing a payment and they have to squeeze the last drop out of the account for a measly 120 bucks.

I would have left feeling they treated me fairly if they had made this one consession. Instead , they have treated me in a dis-respectful tone, left me to feel cheated and will always have negative words to speak of Direct TV to anyone who asks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Remote.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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I believe everything you are saying... Same thing happened to me and im stuck with them...

They really got me good too... They went ahead and had some guy come out and he broke my HDMI cords, then my service wasnt working... Then I called to cancel, having had it -_- 4 hours? and they said it'd be $400...

I was like "hold up dont you guys have a 30 day money back guarantee or something? this guy broke my stuff, and now i cant play my PS3 ooor use my cable." they said i had to mail them my stuff and they'd give me a new HDMI cord... problem is he broke it inside my PS3 taking it out... and now occasionally my PS3 wont show on screen...

this companies a rip off... How can you tell someone they cannot cancel their service, especially if your employees broke your stuff and after only an hour of actually having the item you call and complain... Their main response was that the guy couldnt have broken my cord because he had his own...

-_- then why the *** did he use mine? never again...

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