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Because I could no longer have rabbit ear antennas, I had to get cable! DirectTv looked like the best price, so I called to sign up for one year.

I even had the customer service person add up my total bill, (which came to $420 for one year) When the technician came out, he gave me an agreement form to sign. I read it and told him I can't do this because I signed up for a year. The technician ended up calling his work to confirm if I could sign up for a year. They approved of me signing for a year as long as I marked off the 18-24 months and put in a 12 with my initials.

So...I called a year later to find out where to send my cable stuff and they said no you have to have it for 24 months or you'll be charged a $200 cancellation fee. If I didn't get the DVR it would be a 18 month contract...You learn new information when you cancel. I even wrote down everything they said when I signed up. I explained to them that two of their employees ok'd it with me upon installing, otherwise I would have sent the tech out of my house.

I told customer service that I only signed up for a year because I was moving out of country for missionary work and they still said, "Only Military can cancel so, sorry is there anything else I can help you with"? I have written two letters, made 5 phone calls (which took many hours of my time), I filled out their service summary (10 min process), and Im still stuck with $200 that I did not allow them to charge. I decided to look up some reviews and NOW i see that Im not the only one in this situation! THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU SIGN UP!

ABSOLUTELY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE AFTER YOU SIGN UP!!! I even got an email stating "we can help you with that $200 by putting it towards another year contract"!

It seems to me that they are having lots of problems and they can't afford to take care of customers, knowing their losing money!

**I read another review that mentioned she would drive to Colorado or deal with the corporate # she found to a higher department 1-310-964-5000.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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I just hung up with DirecTV and am beyond frustrated. I am in month 7 of a 24 month contract and am unexpectedly moving to St.

John, USVI. Upon signing my contract, the woman told me that if I move anywhere that does not get signal, my contract would be null and cancelled. Apparently that was NOT the truth. I was told that they can not send a technician out to my new residence to determine if there is signal reception since it is out of the continental U.S.

and because of that I will be charged a fee of around $350 for cancelling my account. The man I spoke to that was a "supervisor" told me that I can send a letter to upper management to dispute the charge but that they will still charge me for the cancellation.

I am trying to determine the best plan of action. I have had nothing but issues with them since my contract started!


Well Seymour Butts, YOU ARE WRONG.

Direct TV did the same exact thing to me and many others. Luckily, I record phone calls that require contracts.

Same exact situation as well. I recorded, when I made the initial call for programming and the call between the tech and customer service agent.

I also told the tech that I was recording the call, and had him sign my contract stating that I would only be liable for a 1 year contract. Direct TV still refused to honor my one year contract, so now I am getting a lawyer and starting a class action lawsuit as I have proof that the customer service reps deceive to get people to sign up.



normally I give people the benefit of the doubt and refrain from calling them a liar but that is what you clearly are. No company like DIRECTV can offer exceptions like you stated you were offered. If they did there would be nothing but chaos in the biling department and they would not survive long as a company.

I have dealt with the public for most of my life and have found that it is consumers, not business that engage in fraud and deception. It has also been my experience that consumers only hear half of what they are told and when they try to default on the agreements they enter into in good faith they want to blame the company they did business with. This is a clear example of someone trying to do this.


File a complaint with the BBB online. call and dispute the amount with your credit card co.

or bank (I have read where others have called and reported their card lost/stolen and got a new number after the money had been returned to their account)or before the money was taken out.Personally,I had to close my credit card account after the money was returned to my account pending outcome of the dispute.Don't expect to get help from DirectTV, file with the BBB,FTC and Attorney General online and maybe they will help. You can also ask for this to be settled in arbitration