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In June 2012 we began having trouble with one of our Direct TV boxes. My husband called Direct TV to see if they could fix it.

While he was on the phone with them, they politely told him that he "Qualified for a free upgrade". He asked several times about the cost, and they continued to tell him "it's completely free". What they DIDN'T tell him was that buy accepting that "FREE" gift - something we seldom used (on-demand downloads) we automatically signed up for 2 additional years with Direct TV. When money got tight - our car died and we had to get another one (used) - we could no longer afford the luxury of Direct TV - I called to cancel and have them send me boxes.

They very politely told me that it would cost me $400 to cancel our contract with them. I told them I had been a Direct TV customer for 4 years and was no longer in a contract. They told me that when we accepted their "FREE GIFT" - we agreed to extend our contract an additional 2 years! I emailed the company and told them what had happened.

They sent me a copy of their "Thank you" form letter that they claim was sent to us, (and it could've been - it was a form letter) - anyway the letter was 2 pages long, and on the second page about 1/2 way down - in the middle of a long paragraph, it states that by accepting our gift, you agree to an additional 2 years with Direct TV. Short sweet - and you couldn't see it unless someone pointed it out to you. NOW - as I was fighting this bogus charge - THEY TOOK THE MONEY OUT OF MY CHECKING ACCOUNT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!! My debit card was on file, because I always paid my bills (on time) and online.

I went to balance my checkbook today - and bam! $487 taken from my checking account by Direct TV.

($400 for breaking contract and $87 for the prorated last few weeks)!! I'm furious and want to know if there is anything that I can do - or is this just a "lesson learned"?

Review about: Directv Account.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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You can ask your bank to reverse the charges because you want to file a dispute,if your bank agrees and replaces your money,you will need to change bank account #'s to prevent them from recharging after the dispute is settled. I have stopped cable and got a Roku streaming video player for $98 but you can get cheaper ones from Amazon.You might want to join netflix for $8.00 per month and there is Amazon and Hulu plus all three charge around $8.00 each per month. I have more movies and tv shows now than I can ever watch.the only thing is you will need to have highspeed internet in order to get this service..I hope this helps

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