Your company promised to install my HD DTV today, 11 Aug between 12:00 and 4:00 pm. Not only did no one come install the equipment, no one had the common courtesy to provide me with a phone call so I would not lose a day of pay. A day of pay for me is $447.00. While I am willing to lose this for the purpose of the installation, I cannot lose this to sit around the house waiting on your company when there is NO INTENTION of coming to the house to install per your promise.

I left Dish Network to utilize your services because, I thought, you provided a better product with better customer service.

I find that this is not the case. It seems that you have no sense of urgency when dealing with a customer your company completely failed.

I intend to file a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau as well as a small claims complaint for the lost day of wages.

Having been put off for two weeks for an installation, the excuse that there is no equipment available is wrong.

Monetary Loss: $447.

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