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I was told I had an option to not be billed for a installation until the technician made a decision on whether or not I would have to pay a fee or if would be free. I opted to not be billed until the technician came out and I would pay him (if needed) on the spot.

The moving department assured me they would set it up as I requested, which they did not. They billed me for the moving charge immediately. I called and explained to them that their had been a mistake and again was assured my problem would be fixed. It was not, in fact that representative did not even put any notes in my account at all.

I was called for the payment four days later by a person who sounded like they were calling me from prison and could not speak proper English or handle a conversation in any way or form. He transferred me to the billing department who also could not speak English simply based on the fact she was not in or from the United States. She continued to speak over me and ignore my requests and concerns. She finally got approval from her manager to note my account for credit but told me I would have to call the moving department for that credit, and that she would note the account as such.

I called the moving department immediately who started me at square one telling me there would be no credit and they were sorry for all of confusion, they referenced that I opened a email and that created a binding agreement that I would have to pay them the fee. I explained to them that I had been verbally told by customer service, billing and even the technician that I would not have to pay the fee and that I did not appreciate being lied to. She then referenced the notes on the account which happened to reflect nothing I was told from any of the representatives. I asked for them to review the quality assurance recordings so that I could prove (remember I am the customer having to prove things) that I was promised removal of this fee several times.

The response was that not all of the calls are actually recorded, they just have to say they are. At this point I am finished with direct tv, they have lost a customer for the fee of $99 minus the wages they paid over 6 people to speak with me for a few hours.

Congratulations on that solid business plan! And good luck with your future fraudulent attempts to charge people fees you already agreed not to, I suppose as long as everyone you employee to speak to your customers is already in a prison cell or out of the country you have nothing to worry about legally but I am sure your businesses bottom line will suffer tremendously if this is what you call customer service.

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Of all the humdreds of complaints I have read about DirectTv,I have never heard of them producing a taped conversation for play back.I don't believe they record as they say they do.Just another one of their lies. How can opening an Email create a binding agreement?

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