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It all began when i purchased direct TV, the receiver they gave me was defective 1 day after beginning service, so the sent me a new one and the nightmare began. We sent back the defective receiver 2 days after receiving the new one.

The automatically debited my account for 160 bucks over drawing my bank account for not returning the receiver 1 month after i sent it to them. One month later after many calls they finally found the receiver, but still wouldn't return the money to my account, telling me they were set up to only take money out not put it in. The manager told me to dispute the charges which i already did anyway. I asked to be put on regular billing and off auto pay, which they did, the next billing there was a 10 dollar charge for hd.

They told me when taken off of auto pay u have to pay an extra 10 dollars now for hd, they only told me this AFTER i was billed, so i asked to go back on auto pay. They re answer was once off of auto pay you cant be put back on it . So now instead of the 35 a month I signed up for i was being charged 45. They then offered me 3 premium movie channels for free for 3 months so i got those.

At the end of the 3 months i called and cancelled them< they told me i could purchase them again there was a special buy one get one premium channel for free so i did. The next bill i was charged full price theyre explanation was i had to pay full price untill my billing period ended. Half way through the month they disconnected me with no warning for putting a stop payment on the 160 they should have never charged me for. I called and talked to a manager he told me i owed them an outragous amount of money that i pay it or no tv.

I told him i had called direct tv every month and paid the exact amount they told me to pay.

He told me that didnt matter That I pay the new amount or no tv. So i told him im cancelling my account he told me i will be billed for all the fraudulent charges and the two year agreement or they will ruin my credit.

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