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I have contacted the FCC on this one. I am an existing Direct TV customer (10yrs+). Got an e-mail from Direct TV that stated the new "FREE" HD dish is necessary becasue they changed their system so my existing HD dish will not work any longer. So I called to make arrangements to have the dish changed out. They told me they have to charge $99 to have the technician come out and replace the dish. I stated that is not free then.

I offered to pick up the dish but they said I cannot. I put the original dish in that I now have myself, no problems ever.

So, I am considering dropping the HD and Direct TV completely. I will wait to see if the FCC can help first. Anyone else get this go around. Hope you didn't pay the $99. If you did, how is that free?

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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The new disk is free folks, the instulation isn't.


I have the similar situation. I may have to cancel direct tv and go back to cablevision. I may have to go to the court to cancel my contract


Update, Direct TV has since scheduled the dish replacement for this Saturday and charged the $99, but has also already credited my account for the $99 charge. They have won my trust back, but this is still an interesting situation.