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We had a DVR box with went out (nothing but snow on the screen), so I phoned tech support at Direct TV. My intention was to just purchase a new DVR box, but the support person said they wouldn't do that as they had to "review" my account.

Now, we have been loyal, good customers for over 6 years... always prompt with payments and even accepted a few of their promotions. So what does reviewing my account have to do with replacing a DVR box? I accepted the support person's answer and believed her when she said that they would be phoning me back within 2 hours.

I had to call them back in almost 3 hours. The agent gave me another run around and said they would call me back in 30 minutes. I called them back in another hour. 3 agents later, and nothing is done.

All I wanted was a new box???

I'm phoning back to cancel my account. Horrible service!!!

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Let me guess,you dont have the protection plan?? Let me also guess,you dindt read the d a m n contract that says in very plain english that directv is not liable for equipment,WHICH is why the sugguest you take the protection plan.Now I understand how you all think things like these are "Dirty Practices" BUT!!!

If you took as much time to do a little homework on what you were getting into with directv as you did to seek out this site to complain you wouldnt be in this situation.SO! as i see it,that makes you the D U M B A S S!!!

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