I was overcharged by direct tv, but I accidently found a way to get them out of my account and now I don't have to worry about them taking hundreds of dollars out of my account and causeing overdraft fees. If you have given them your debit card number, call your bank and report a lost card.

You might have to go without a card for a few days, but in the end, it could save you hundreds of dollars. When you get the new number, direct tv will call you because they will not be able to use the old number to get their money. Do NOT give them the number. Tell them to bill you.

I pay my bill at walmart. It is worth the $0.89 to make sure that they don't even get close to the routing number and account number on my checks.

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They had my debit card number from the beginning of service. Luckily I gave them that info instead of my routing number and account number.

When I realized that they could no longer get into my account when my debit card number changed, I started using walmart to pay my bill so they couldn't get the info from my bank. I had a friend that had the same problem with ADT. They told her that she could be billed, but she would have to give a credit card number first. They double charged her $250 dollars on her card and she is still fighting to get her money back, but I told her what to do with the card so they can't steal any more money from her.

It is horrible what these companies are getting away with when they can get into your accounts. I sometimes think the banks are in on it too, so when the companies pull out extra money and overdraw your account, the banks can then charge extra fees.


This is a very good idea but if you have ever written them a check they have your checking account# on file

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