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Good God Direct TV! Not making enough millions this quarter or what?

If you have an issue with your parent company or whatever excuse you're using, is it really necessary to make your customers suffer. What happened to all our channels? Then you have the gall to call this move temporary!!! You took the Speed Channel as well as Nickelodeon off close to two months ago and now we're treated to the bouncing Direct TV logo day in and day out.

Was that temporary also? Get your act together and just try to treat your paying customers with decency and respect, and not like mindless idiots. How about cutting out the executive bonuses which I'm sure have not suffered any setbacks and give us what we pay for. Can you say Cable TV?

How about Dish Network? You're greedy and karma is a ***.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Dish network lost amc...time warner and viacom have been at it in the court lost disney and a few other company rights. No one company is immune and no matter where you go you will have the same issues...which is why i don't subscribe to any cable or dish company...I do use netflix but also have the option of red box for when my little one gets older and wants to watch disney movies

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