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Direct TV has been calling us several times a day for a week. I finally called them back and asked them to stop calling us as our account is closed with 0 balance.

The lady I talked to said she would take care of it. Well, the phone calls have continued and now I'm pissed! We have DISH TV because Direct TV kept getting more and more expensive. Their customer service stinks and now they are harassing me.

It's really getting old. I've reported them to the FTC and the FBI, so I hope they will think twice before they continue their harassment.

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Same here, from PA.

They keep calling, harassing, won't let my mom off the phone, and now, they claim they're sending a truck to install it LOL!!!


Here is the phone number of Direct TV that has been calling me non-stop for 2 weeks.



I've had about the exact same problem with Direct TV. They called me about 20 times last week and I told them I have The Disk Network now and asked them nicely to stop calling me after the 2nd or 3rd time.

Each time they say will stop calling. The are calling from Florida

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