My daughter and her husband are getting divorced. They have left the area but left their DTV receivers at the house they had.

We (my daughter's parents) told them that we would return the receivers (4 of them) to Direct TV. After waiting 4 weeks for the return boxes that they said would be here in 5 to7 days, We called again. DTV said they would send out another set. 2 days later, the 1st set arrived.

We know this because we origionally asked for 3 shipping containers. We find out they have to return all 4 and get a new box. They told us that since they already had sent it twice, we would have to pay for the shipping out of pocket. OK, to get this mess cleared up, I'll pay it.

Now since sending it back, we have received a call every morning wanting to speak to a person who is no longer in the area. *** hath no fury like a man on midnights thats awakened by a fricking harassing phone call. Their Tecs are brilliant and know what to do in their prospective jobs.

BUT the ones in the office don't have a clue of what reality is. My next course is the small claims court.

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