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TO: Direct TV Corporate HeadquartersP.O. Box 915El Segundo, CA 90245-0915

Copies to: ELLEN FILIPIAK, CEO DIRECT TV, Corporate OfficeP.O. Box 6550 6550 GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO Greenwood Village, CO 80155-6550

Mr. Chase Carey, Mr. Michael White, President & CEO of Direct TV, INC.2230 East Imperial HighwayEL Segundo, CA 90245

JAMS 500 North State College Blvd., Suite 600Orange, CA 92868

Emails to: Verizon - Ivan G. Seidenberg "" Randal S. Milch

Better Business Bureau, E-mail:

Kenneth T. Cuccinelli, IIAttorney General of VirginiaVirginia Attorney Generals Office for Consumer Protection

Fox News - &

FCC - -

ABC News

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Federal Trade Commission

Law Office of Cary Mosby


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Tamela DanielDirect TV Account # Lynchburg, Virginia

Office of the President, Of Direct TV, INC.

I had Direct TV installed in my home through Verizon on January 13, 2010 after being with Comcast Cable TV for about fifteen years. I have a 15 month old Westinghouse wall mounted television that I have never had any problems with.

Since getting Direct TV, starting on day one-January 13, 2010 I have had nothing but problems. When turning on my TV I get a picture and sound and then it starts making a noise like a jet plane taking off and then the TV screen turns black. Immediately I called the Direct TV Service Technician Clinton Snyder, who installed it and told him what it was doing. He came by to check it the next day and told me the problem was my Westinghouse TV. I tried to tell him that it was not my TV, it was their signal. Please remember, this is a technician trained by Direct TV. I called Direct TV and told them what was happening they walked me through resetting Direct TV and my TV. No Change.

I then called the place where I purchased my TV. They sent out a Service Technician that checked my Westinghouse TV. He begins to check my TV and tested it and everything was in good working order. He told me that it was not my TV, if it was it would not come on at all. He also said it was either in the Direct TV remote or DVR box or cable connected that was the same cable from Comcast to my TV.

Again I called the Direct TV Technician, Clinton Snyder asked him to please come back and check it again. He made and excuse that he would be in training for the next couple of days and would be here on Thursday. He did come and told me the same thing that it was my TV. I called another TV repairman. He checked out my TV and could not find anything wrong with it.

I feel like I have been HAD. The Direct TV Technician Clinton Snyder should have told me the very day that he installed my service that there was a problem. I would have canceled my contract right then and there. Instead I am committed to a two year contract with Direct TV and my best and most expensive TV that is on my living room wall will not work with your system.

I have called Direct TV numerous times; they have walked me through resetting the TV box and my TV. It still does not work. We finally figured out if I leave my TV on all night and cut off the Direct TV box. It works. Three days ago the TV went black and has not worked since. I called the Technician he can't come till Friday. He is sick and so is his girlfriend. He is off Thursday.

Meanwhile I called Direct TV and told them what was going on. Last night they walked me through resetting it again and trying different codes. The Technician on the phone told me they had had problems with, RCA, Toshiba and Westinghouse televisions not working with their DVR boxes. This morning I called and talked to a supervisor (Bobby). He told me that Direct TV has never had any problems with any of their systems, DVR Boxes or any of their equipment working with any TV's.

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I told him (Bobby) that I was very dissatisfied with my Direct TV service and wanted them to come and take it out of my home. He said, he could do that but, I would have a penalty to pay (Early termination fee!) and still have a 16 month contract to honor.

This is utterly ridiculous. You are the most unreasonable company I have ever been involved with. You people need to be stopped in your tracks for fraudulent practices and unfair customer treatment.

Well, I am going to be the person to stop this. I have found out through a source that Direct TV has thousands of bad customer service reports to the Better Business Bureau. Customers complain about them on the web site "RIP-OFF-REPORTS" and other web sites. If you go to Direct TV Complaints you will pull up a lot of complaints, how they have taken money out of customers checking accounts unauthorized, charging customers credit cards that were not approved by the customer, shipping their equipment back was also a hardship, over charging on your bill, equipment failure, they have damaged customers credit, you are billed in advance for service you have not received yet, they will call you constantly trying to collect on a bill you don't owe, service is interrupted, you are charged early termination fees, and hidden charges, false advertizing, and the customer service is the worst.

I am asking Direct TV, Inc. to release me from my 16 month contract with NO early termination fee and refund the money I have spent on not having ANY service to my television because their signal or DVR box or remote would not work with my TV. The two service call bills for having my television checked out. Plus a new TV that I believed was damaged due to your faulty equipment and installation.

I also want a Direct TV Technician to come to my home and remove all of your equipment. I will not pay to have it shipped back to Direct TV.There have been many reports made that when the customer tries to ship back your equipment they have ran into other problems that you have caused.

I am asking for this immediately, or I WILL TAKE THIS MATTER TO COURT, Arbitration or whatever. I don't think you want to spend your money to send a lawyer and a Direct TV Representative, here to Lynchburg, Virginia. As outlined in your contract Direct TV, Inc. is required to start Arbitration. It cost $500 for you to start Arbitration with a retired judge who makes $500 an hour, that is if he can make a decision in one hour or more, plus paying your employees for their time and travel expenses and I will also have your technician Clinton Snyder summoned to court. I will also have this letter sent to all your investors, and I do know who they are. I will also have it posted on every web site, and sent to everyone and anyone that will get the message out. I will take legal action against Direct TV for fraudulent practices, the time that I have spent researching your company and its holdings and sue you for the stress that I have endured because of your illegal practices. You see, it is not going to cost me anything; my very best friend is a lawyer.

OH, you can also forget about trying to get money from my checking account.I have already put a stop to you having any access to my account.

I can not believe that an upstanding company like Verizon would have any involvement with Direct TV.I am very tired of playing games with you and your crooked company.

Tamela Daniel

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Your representative from the presidents office (sure) did called to set up an appointment for this Saturday between 8 and 12 to have your LEAD TECHNICIAN to come to my house Free Of Charge to investigate. She then proceeds to imply that this technician knows what he is doing and the other one who installed my system did not.

I told her to please have your LEAD TECHNICIAN to pick-up all your equipment when he leaves my house and also that my lawyer and TV repairman will be there also.

I will not let this go till I get satisfaction.

Tamela Daniel

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You actually got a response!! Ihave a billing problem with those idiots I sent letters I am sending complaints to the FTC consumer affairs and anyone else I can think of. Go to Blue Ridge Caucus you have untill June 9, 2011 Virginia has pretty good consumer protection with reguard to Directv.