I had Direct Tv at one time. It was installed in Tn.

and then I moved to Ia. They said it would be put on hold for the tn acct. Then I moved back to Tn and all of a sudden they want a converter box that I had purchased and was told by the installer that whatever I do not to send it back because I had bought it.

Direct tv said they had to have it back and at that time my bill was $400 plus. I did not owe anything but somehow they got it so screwed up that the bills I receive now are even higher.

IT is different every time. The last time I talked to them on the phone I told them to record the converstation. I told them that they had it so messed up there is no way of fixing it. I do not owe them.

Anything. From a bill of $400 it has gone now up to $600 I want this acct cleared. I did not owe them anything. I told them that on the phone and told them i would see them in court before I pay a dime.

If anything they probably owe me. It is so messed up.

I have called and talked with them many times but I am done. I do not owe them and won't pay them.

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We live in an HOA who pays our DirectTv bill each month. Weare new customers as of Jan 2017 We were told not to pay any bills rom Directv until everyone had the service .We owed for a 3rd tv which will cost $7.00 a month..WE pd $7.00 plus 32.72 for our 3rd tv...WE HAVE NO TV SERVICE SINCE LAST WED>PLEASE TURN IT BACK ON OR AM GOING TO GO BACK TO COX TV>ANN SPENCER >>480-985-3841


DirTv is a ripp off it time the Atty. Genral of each state to look at this ripp-off by DirTV.


I cancelled my service within the 15 day allotment but they still charged me the early cancelation fee saying that I didn't allow them to send a technitian out to assess the problem. I said why would I have you send a service guy out when it took your installers three days to install it in the first place and the installer didn't even speak english. I was so pissed and I asked them to show me on the contract where it says I have to allow them to attempt to fix the problem before canceling, very small print WTF Dtv sucks.

Pudong, Shanghai, China #55199

This is the same problem I have had with them FOREVER... every stinking month I have to call them.

It's ridiculous.

However, you cannot change ***. They keep hiring people who lack follow-thru, the ability to speak a complete sentence, of take ownership.

I even had a "lady" term used loosley, give me *** for being pissed off that I had to call, yet again for the 3rd time that month. GRRRRR

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