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I will NEVER get Direct TV after seeing the commercial where the white butler gets punched by the black child. How would people react if those roles were reversed and a white kid punched an old black man!?

Then the black mother comes out and laughs at what the child did... I would LOVE to see the parties reversed in this ad - it would make national news! And don't say that I'm racist either.

This is obvious racism against whites, and pointing it out is not "ignorant." To turn a blind eye to this is ignorant. I will not support direct TV in it's racism and I suggest that no one else does either.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Commercial.

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Seriously? Try creating White Entertainment Television.

How about White STARZ???!!! The coin is double sided only the one side is called out more than the other.


Okay let's be real it was racist when the russian guy was on there, but nobody said a word. The commercials are funny, but they are racist.

Maybe that's their marketing tactic, shock marketing. I was laughing my *** off at the russian and asian commercial so why is it different with a black one.

They really need to redo the white one though. It's not funny and if anything makes them look good and not foolish like the over the top minority ones are.


This may seem stereotypical or racist, but what I'm about to tell you is truth. Black people make significantly less money than white people.

If you review Directv's statistics you would see that Directv is more of a high end brand. This means they wouldn't target the statistically poorer black demographic.

They would be targeting Asians and whites.

Your argument "you are blind" has been torn apart


You can still have racist ads and have a company that's run by white people. Are you that detached?

It is obviously meant to APPEAL to blacks. Apparently, in Direct TV's eyes, the best way to do that is to show violence towards whites. Why couldn't the kid have punched a black butler in the groin?

Don't think the fact that the servant was white and being abused is an accident. That situation is definitely there for a reason.


Directv is run by white people. Their CEO, Mike White, is white and his name is even white.

It doesn't get any whiter than that. Now if this happened to be a commercial for the NAACP, United Negro College Fund, or BET then you might have an argument (a weak one).


You're a *** ***, bro


HAH I would like to see it with the races reversed. Everyone would be screaming how terrible it is.

Also, you can't argue that something is "just a commercial." It is media that reaches a lot of people and sends a message (in this case, a very clear one). Open your eyes.


Are you kiddin me!! it was just a commercial!!

Goodness, to call that racist you have to be racist!!!

My significant Other is sometimes really racist and he even laughed at the commercial. So you are racist......the end.

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