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I had direct TV installed on 04/24/09. The service technician could hardly speak english (he was from Puerto Rico) and was very sloppy in apearance. He installed my equipment and left all of the trash and equipment packaging strown all across my house and did not even bother to clean up his mess in the least. Thats not all it gets even better.

After about three weeks of service Direct TV did a program update on my equipment and after that i could not receive any channels under the number 88. That included my local channels as well as ESPN and alot of others I enjoy. I called customer service and I was told that (after going through a half hour of box fiddling to find signal strength) that I would have to have a technician come out to fix the problem. I agreed and they scheduled a technican to come to my home (8 days later I may add) between the hours of 20 - 4 in the afternoon. Well the day arrived and no technician showed up on time. I get a call at about 8: 40 PM on a sunday night asking if I still wanted to be serviced at that hour. I had left and was not home at the time so no service was performed. I called back to complain about the no show, no call and then the late attempt to come by to fix the problem and basically they apologized but offered not better return visit by the technician than 11 days from the the day of my call. Although I was very ticked off at this point I felt that I could live with the 11 days because it was only a 1/3 of the service that I was without. The next day I had to leave out of town for work and return a week later to find that I did not have any service at all. I called back to tell them that my service was completely out in hopes that they would re-route a service to me because i did not have any service at all and was paying my bill on time. I was told that a service man was scheduled to come to my home on the following wednesday to fix the problem. Trouble was that I have scheduled the service for a date that I know I would be home and that was not the date they had on record. I work out of town all week and return on the weekends. there is no way in *** that I would schedule a service call on a day I was not going to be home. Once again a mistake was made as the customer service person I talked to had a very thick 'Indian' accent and was hard to understand. As a result I had to reschedule the service call for the following weekend which means I have gone over 3 weeks without TV at all.

I called customer service to expalin this situation and that i was very dissatisfiec with the service. i also told them that i wanted to end my agreement with them and send their equipment back. My reason for this is i believe that i have never gotten what I paid for from the beginning. I have paid full price for three months now and have not recieved any service consideration at all. I have not had full service from at least three weeks on in my contract and they are certainly not providing the 98% realibilty they promise. I even had a customer service supervisor tell me that there was nothing worth while to watch on channels below 88 anyway so what was I worried about. Can you believe that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In conclusion.....

I am 52 years old and I have never in my life had such bad customer service from any business I have dealt with. If you think Comcast or Verizon Fios is bad (which they are as many customer service rating bureaus state) then let me assure you DIRECT TV is worse. If you want poor customer service coupled with ruth people taking to you over the phone them these are the guys you want to do business with.


They can't even apply your rebate without having to remind them several times to do it. Guess they want to try and wiggle out of that to if you let them.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Ms62757 I had th very same problems with DirectTv in the beginning of my contract. They schedule an appointment to be at my house then call 10 mins before the deadline and tell me they going to reschedule; which pissed me off.

To make matters worse( I live in an apartment which allows satellite tv to be installed) but the technician installed the dish next to a tree : meaning no signal at all, they come back out to move the dish only for another tree to block the signal; so thats another week with no TV. The last time I contacted customer service they had to credit my account for a month without service and then they finally moved the dish to a better area where I would recieve reception.

And comcast is WAY more expensive than DirectTv and Verizon Fios.

the cable boxes with Comcast cost $95 a month and $145 if u dont return it after disconnecting service. :(

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